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Where is it?
Situated off the East Coast of Africa and close to Kenya
Why should I go there:
There are a 115 granite and coralline islands with breathaking beaches.
How do I get there: 
From South Africa it is a six hour flight with Air Seychelles. There are several flights a week from neighbouring islands and a few international flights from Europe (10 hours)
How long should we visit?
How long is a piece of string?. This really does depend on your budget. The norm is anything from four nights up to 14 nights if you want to really indulge yourself.
Is it safe?
Yes, it is politically stable and the local Seychellois are very friendly and full of spirit.
What can I see there:
Apart from incredible beaches you have endemic birds, tortoises, nature reserve, marine reserves, Botanical gardens,
What is the food like: 
Wonderful mix of Creole, French and English cuisine all mixed into one melting pot.
I don’t know where to start: 
Depending on time it is a wonderful to visit as many islands as possible as they are all different.   We have several packages to offer based on entry level accommodation up to five star bells and whistles type accommodation.
None required for a short stay.
No malaria on the island but take insect repellent to ward off any flying pests.  Bottled water is advisable.
What is the language spoken:
French and Creole are the most common and English is widely spoken
Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, Desroches Island, Fregate Island, North Island, Silhouette Island, Denis Island, Bird Island, Cousine Island to name a few.