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Where is it?
Situated in the Indian Ocean Islands north east of Mauritius (belongs to Mauritius)
Why should I go there:
Because it is quiet and peaceful and not touristy. This is an island lost in time and very rural but oozing with charm. There are very few hotels on the island in comparison to its sister Mauritius.  The hotels are of a lower standard and the experience outweighs the standard of accommodation.  Lose yourself in the secluded coves and turquoise waters.  It has remarkable scuba diving, fishing and kite surfing.
How do I get there:
A 90 minute flight from Mauritius.
How long should we visit?
No more than 5 – 7 nights.
Is it safe?
It is indeed and it is very peaceful laid back island.
What can I see there:
Superb marine live, reefs, small market and unspoilt beaches.
What is the food like:
Creole with a mix of European and British.  Possibly not as westernised at Mauritius.
I don’t know where to start.
You have to always fly via Mauritius and flights are often full in high season and holidays.  There are varying airfares as well.  We always recommend a combination of Mauritius and Rodrigues based on the flight schedules
Same as Mauritius
There is no malaria on the island and no yellow fever certificates needed. Bottled water is available everywhere.

What is the language spoken:
Creole/French and English in most hotels and guesthouses